Honey Hash


Honey hash just for you!

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Fairly hard and solid, but it breaks up almost like clay. The picture shows it almost looking like a rock but it’s not really like that. When you split it, you can see the nice layered structure. It breaks up nice and soft, easy to prepare.


The smell is soft, perfumed and sweet. It really gives off a fine scent when burned and the whole room fills with a heavy smoke. It is thick and blueish in colour.


The taste is classic polm; the “honey” sweetness was so tempting, I decided to drop a half gram into my warm chocomel and cream. I stirred it in with a spoon and drank it down. Taste sensation! The Noon should market it like that! A superb flava and a soft choco-honey flav left behind. Yum.


A nice mellow buzz comes over you; you are thrown into a chill mode. When my “chocolate breakfast” settled in, I began to feel really dopey and flattened. The FX lasted for quite awhile when eaten (or drank).


This is a great hash for relaxing, and the flav and taste make for a perfect addition to a chocolate drink of some sort. Sweet as honey.