TincturesTHC TincturesPureBud THC Tincture (400mg)

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The PureBud THC Orange Tincture is perfect for anyone wanting to medicate anywhere discreetly.

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Formulated from the whole cannabis plant extract. PureBud added a all natural C8+C10 Oil which is a 100% coconut-derived source of powerful medium-chain fatty acids that keep the body and mind at peak performance.

  • THC – 400mg (Orange)


  • Whole cannabis plant extract (THC)

  • MCT Oil. 

  • Orange flavouring.

Suggested Usage:

  • Take 1-2 droppers every 3-4 hours, drop under tongue and hold for 30 seconds for maximum relief. 13mg per dropper. Consult a physician for appropriate dosing.


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