Tangilope (AAAA)


This sativa dominant hybrid has an extremely pungent citrus aroma and is well known for its cerebral joyful effect.

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The sativa cannabis strain Tangilope produces the exotic scent and flavor reminiscent of chocolate and citrus. When ready for reaping, this strain has mint green buds shaped like pepper with deep amber pistils and clusters of trichomes throughout.

Tangilope is the daughter strain of crossing the two sativas Tangie and Chocolope.

Tangilope’s high immediately boosts energy as mood elevates and the urge to giggle ensues. Focus and motivation arise, allowing consumers to enjoy this strain throughout the day to get tasks done without distraction. This strain can help with fatigue and melt the stresses of the mind away. Creative projects are loads of fun while consuming this strain, along with enjoying music and the company of friends.