Blueberry Muffin | HYBRID


This delightful herb packs a moderate, functional high that can be the perfect way to ease pain, anxiety and other conditions without locking cannabis consumers to the couch. A cross between two classic strains, Afghani and Blueberry, this flower frequently tests at around 20-22% THC content, with CBD levels much lower, hovering around the 0.4% mark.

These levels of THC make this a great choice for experienced marijuana consumers, or those who are dealing with more chronic issues

Experienced consumers shouldn’t overlook this herb as being all about taste. Thanks to its Sativa background, Blueberry Muffins has just enough brightness to balance out the couch-locking effects marijuana connoisseurs might expect from in Indica flower.

While this is a great daytime strain, perhaps save it for a weekend or days without too much to do, as the relaxed vibe might make getting things done just a little tougher than usual (maybe you’ll have some high thoughts during it).

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