Critical Mass X Cheese Candy I Indica Dominant Hybrid



An Indica dominant auto-flowering strain that combines the best of both worlds, powerful effects, high THC content, overpowering delightful flavors, and aromas. The Critical Mass is a very popular strain for its very easy to grow traits and great resistance to most disease, pairing it with a deliciously gifted strain, which is the Cheese Candy should produce top-level strain.

The result was overwhelming, as the Sativa dominant Cheese candy’s strain was highlighted in its flavors and effects, while the Critical mass’ ability was also incorporated. Its effects are often reminiscent of the Cheese candy as it gives users some of the best exhilarating high that is sure to hit the ground running from the very first smoke.

Even a tiny amount if this weed and you’ll be left feeling like you’ve smoked a dozen of it. That’s how strong this one is. While it has powerful high, it is accompanied with sweet cheese and candy-like flavors that are sure to make your taste buds on fire. Thanks to its effects, they can also treat people with stress and depression due to its highly invigorating uplifting effects that are sure to keep the woes away for the time being.

This one gives a mental and physical buzz that’s very, very psychoactive. It’s a full-on affair that should be reserved for days off!


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