Texas Penis Envy | Magic Mushroom | Psilocybe Cubensis


The Penis Envy is one of the most difficult mushrooms to find because only 5% of it’s mushrooms drop spores and it has a short shelf life and will contaminate easily.  Therefore, it is typically more expense to buy.

They can also take 7 to 10 days to germinate so  you have to be patient.  Many people think they have dead spores when they just need to wait a little longer.

The founder of this strain is RG back in the 1990’s however many people thought it was the late Terrance McKenna who engineered this strain.  Most people report it being about 1.5x more potent than normal cubensis strains and yes it is uniquely shaped like a penis.

The Penis Envy 6 is one of the best hybrids which is a cross between the Texas strain and the Penis Envy strain.